Recycling and Repurpose

Scott Massey 

Please join in our 5th annual Recycle and Repurpose Collection at the NECPA Conference and Expo, January 22-24, 2015. Bring your scrap and used fabric, small or large, to this grass roots collection drive and help create a “greener” North East.

With the help of some great people and their business’, the NECPA and Awning Cleaning Industries have successfully created a heightened awareness about new and existing options for scrap and used fabrics in your shops. In the past, most scrap and used fabrics were considered garbage and, as such, thrown out with little consideration for what that really meant. Some tried to save scrap to use in the future or give away, but eventually found it to be in the way and begrudgingly ended up throwing it out. Today there are several, greener options available with one of the biggest and best being the “Recycle My Sunbrella” program sponsored by Sunbrella. Started as an alternative to discarding scrap fabric, it was slow to gain momentum mostly because many didn’t want to spend the time and expense to ship scrap materials. Scott Massey, Owner and President of Awning Cleaning Industries and Past President of NECPA, offered his business location for collection, processing and shipping of scrap and used acrylic fabrics. Local companies could drop off, arrange a pickup or ship for less to this closer location. 5 years ago, another collection was started at the annual NECPA Annual Meeting & Expo, with donations growing each year. This past year, TriVantage has also come forward to offer additional collection opportunites for the program.

Along with the scrap collection for Recycle another option offered is collection of larger scrap fabrics for Repurpose. The Repurpose program has produced hundreds of large tarps donated to disaster relief organizations, thousands of tote bags for trade shows and charitable groups, and many smaller goodwill and artistic projects.

Please look around your shop and consider how you can participate. Saving small scrap can be as easy as putting a box or bag near the sewing or cutting table and bringing it to the NECPA Show. Small or large, any amount makes a difference. Being a greener planetary citizen does not have to require anything more than some simple changes. We welcome you to discuss this effort with any of the NECPA Board members at the show. If you have questions prior to the show please contact Scott Massey.

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